Sunday, November 6, 2011

Arrogance of Faith

James Taylor, 41, was quadriplegic and had severe developmental disabilities, requiring constant care and attention. His aged parents placed him in a group home for the developmentally disabled, near Schenectady, NY, hoping that he would receive that care. What is unfortunate is that these types of group homes, run either by the State or private entities, often fall far short of any reasonable expectation, as today's NY Times reports. Left unattended for 15 minutes in a bathtub, James Taylor, unable to lift his head, drowned in the water of his bathtub and died. The NY Times investigative report reveals that this is not an isolated incident. Apparently, "In New York, it is unusually common for developmentally disabled people in state care to die for reasons other than natural causes." It is disturbing and inhuman per se, a terrible state of affairs; the quality of care and advocacy for this marginalized group of human beings, people with developmental disabilities, is abysmal, and what's more, there is almost no or nominal redress after these tragic events. The Times investigation paints a general picture of apathy and lack of concern for these people on part of the caregivers, as well as the State.

And, as if this weren't enough to ruin the day, there was, of course, this abomination... this particular group of pious god-botherers that always manages to surface from the fetid depths of humanity, following any tragedy, in order to claim it as proof for their non-existent deity.

Commenting on the plight of the developmentally disabled people, Patricia Taylor, a sister of late James Taylor, said, "I believe that God put these people here for a purpose, because if we didn’t have them to look after, we would lose our humanity." I have seldom heard anything more morally repugnant than this. So... this god entity intentionally makes some people suffer so that some Christians can exert their 'humanity'?

This comment was posted on NY Times' Facebook account as the "Quotation of the Day". Predictably, god-botherers are going orgasmic over this comment. A few selections:
  • Those words can only come from a kind heart full of God's love. God bless you Ms. Taylor.
  • Lovely quote and something to really think about...
  • Powerful quote.
  • How can anybody put down this woman's quote? Wow, people are really sick in the head... people w disabilities have shown me so much of the beauty of life, more so than the "healthy" ones.... I do think they're angels... Ive (sic) met many children and adults with severe disabilities who have shown so much love and strength despite what they may lack...
  • You lack of common sense and vision and a little bit of humanity!!! She is trying to say that God teach us to give love to others and even more to others in need and that action will help you as a human and train your heart to give!!!
  • And I wish people would stop conflating "religion" with having faith in and a relationship with God.
  • God put the loving-kindness in our hearts to care for others, including those who aren't able to ask for it.
  • What a blessed attitude. God put you here to remind us are humanity (sic).
  • Yes God did have his children here for a purpose. Romans 8:28 says "God causes ALL things to work together for HIS good."
  • A lot of anti-God brothertruckers on here.
And the following gem...
  • God bless you Patricia! God sees all and knows all. Don't worry he will take good care of your brother and you will see him again if you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
Fucking disgusting! If my brother had died so tragically and some sanctimonious moron gave me that line, I'd have committed grievous bodily harm to that person.

All this would have been rather depressing and corroborative of a dim view of the future of humanity, but for the presence of quite a few sane and rational individuals, as well, in the same comment thread. Here is a sampling of the more enlightened comments the recognize this pious abomination for what it is:
  • God makes people quadriplegic on purpose? That's kind of cruel.
  • And how would you like it if your God made you the quadriplegic pawn so others could benefit from your suffering?
  • And God let him drown for a purpose too? Fine logic, that.
  • Physical/mental imperfections can't be explained away by saying that a fictional imaginary God did it. What a sick sense of humor this imaginary deity has - mean-spirited and hateful I'd say. Religious people make up the strangest rationalizations/justifications for what their imaginary God does.
  • The quote is written by a deluded individual. We never would have gotten this far if we didn't grasp the sense of our humanity. To hold on to the childish thinking that we need god for morals degrades our humanity. It's time we emancipate ourselves from superstitious beliefs and allow our humanity to thrive.
  • the quotation disgusts me, people are not created for your use, go find humanity on your own.
  • So other people's suffering is a good thing. I never thought of it that way. Now I don't feel so bad about all those hungry children.
  • This must be one of the sickest ways to find your humanity.
  • Right, so your god disabled these poor people for YOU to better yourself morally? That makes a LOT of sense, mmhm. I am all for caring for others, and being thoughtful, loving, and compassionate, but if you think that this is in some way a test for you personally, you're not humble, you're self-centered
  • ... for some it's hard to find reason or logic when people use God to explain away anything that happens. Many people talk about a good god, etc, and the point is, where is that goodness when someone has to live their life with so much struggle and where is the goodness in his drowning? Where was this "god" when that happened? I think that is what people are referring to. It's just seems odd to credit god in such a double tragedy, when these same believers also believe god is watching out for them. Doesn't make sense, is all.
  • Someone asked how anyone could "put down" the quote. Let me tell you. Any God who thought it was appropriate to make my son autistic so the rest of the world can learn some humanity is just as lacking in humanity as all of those who needed someone else's suffering to get some.
  • Knowing that god can intentionally make some suffer for others to feel good makes me seek to my stomach. How else could that god be moor (sic) evil?
  • What "grace" are we to accept from a god who allows a helpless individual drown in a bathtub? A god who allows such a tragedy isn't worth a second thought to me.
  • ... if we see what it actually means for the disabled person, it's disgusting. They are here to suffer for us? I would think an omnipotent and all-knowing creature would think of a better way to teach us about humanity. I find the God that Patricia Taylor believes in, as witnessed in this quote, to be repugnant.
  • It is pathetic that people are so callous as to believe that their god wants people to suffer.
It never ceases to amaze me, the sheer stupidity and ignorance, and the arrogance despite it, of the people subscribing to a religious faith.

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